Yoga “ChopShop” Workshop

On Saturday, July 6th, join us for a 5-hour Yoga “Chop Shop” workshop. This will be a crash course overviewing the entire body in parts while giving expert ideas for exercises and treatment plans with clients. The format will be a 1 hour lecture/lab/practical demo outlining each of the Cervical Spine, Upper Quarter (Shoulders/Arm), Lumbar Spine, and Lower Quarter (Hips/Legs) with a 15 minute Q&A to end each section discussing practical implications for self-care and/or clients. The workshop will be from 12-5 PM at The Kinetic Center in Malibu located at 21355 Pacific Coast Highway and will only be $99.

Register and pay here:

All in all, the Yoga Chopshop workshop will be a great opportunity to go down the rabbit whole for a day and learn some things that’ll help you in your personal practice and your work with clients. Come play!.