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Following the CE course certification guidelines outlined by The California Board Of Chiropractic Examiners, The Yoga Therapy And The Spine Course offers participants the opportunity to deepen their understanding of the fundamental and advanced concepts of Yoga, as it relates to Chiropractic practice, with a special emphasis placed on Yoga Therapy, Raja Yoga, and Hatha Yoga. The course is set up with a variety of Yoga-related topics and potential Eastern approaches to practice and treatment. The online and live courses are both approved for Chiropractic CE credits in the State of California and are intended to provide each participant with background and proficiency in Yoga’s history and evolution as a therapy, its relationship to Chiropractic philosophy and ethics, practical knowledge in Yoga’s effect on the spine and neurology, Yoga asanas and rehabilitation exercises for physical health and longevity, an introduction to Ayurveda: The Science of Life, yogic nutrition and dietary advice, and supplemental techniques that deal with stress and pain while supporting the Chiropractic clinician’s confidence, broad-based understanding, and exposure to practice in Yoga and Yoga therapy.


Whereas many Chiropractic continuing education courses focus on a single practice style or a system of Chiropractic, the Yoga Therapy and the Spine course will introduce participants to the underlying philosophy of Yoga as well as a variety of practices found in Yoga as a therapeutic clinical approach. Each of the different topics related to yoga practice have developed over the centuries in order to suit the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs of the public and of individuals with different dispositions, capacities, and backgrounds. Understanding and appreciating this variety of practice found in Yoga will prepare doctors to better serve a diverse clientele, which is the same demographic as the field of Yoga, and one that also champions natural methods of health and healing.

Upon successful completion of this course, participants will be able to:

• Understand and appreciate the wonderful content, methods, and evolution of Yoga practice and Yoga therapy in both the ancient and modern worlds
• Integrate Yoga into their daily lives and Chiropractic practices through clinical techniques, philosophical outlook on health and healing, and via changes in one’s self-care habits
• Develop and adopt appropriate Yoga-based modifications to their rehabilitation and functional movement exercises in order to facilitate a more integrated experience for patients
• Apply Yoga and Yogic practices as a catalyst and instrument for health, healing, and balanced living

Course Content

Lessons Status

Introduction To Yoga Therapy And The Spine


Yoga: From Past To Present


The Historical Evolution Of Yoga As A Therapy


Yoga Therapy 101 For Healthcare Providers


Ethics: The Yamas And Niyamas In Modern Healthcare Practice


The Six Philosophical Principles Of Chiropractic And Their Equivalents In Yoga


Yoga Therapy And The Spine


Yoga Therapy Rehabilitation Exercises


Ayurveda, The Science Of Life


Yogic Nutrition


Yoga Therapy and Stress


Supplemental Yoga Therapy Techniques And Concepts For Chiropractors And Clinicians