Kabbalistic Shamanism
5-Week Course With Chet Alexander
Assisted By Dr. Eden Goldman
Hosted On Zoom on Thursday Nights
7 PM PST – 8:30 PM PST
June 24 – July 22


Kabbalistic Shamanism
With Chet Alexander

From the “Womb” to the Celebration of Awakening!

In the physical sense, our cells celebrate within the matrix of this body to create an instinctual womb, an aura, or “guardian chi,” around us, connecting us to life.

This joyous womb energy, feeds and yet limits us, like the husk of a seed. This ‘dance’ generates sensations, images, feelings and communicates with life. Our nature uses the tension of limitation and nurturing, our personal rhythm, to grow.

Our personal rhythm emerges from the dark soil of sleep, letting go of the protective husks of ‘the seed,’ to emerge as a new living shoot.  Limitation feeds us, within this tension. We promise to love darkness, the soil.  We bind ourselves, deepening our roots, our origins in the fertile darkness. We break into the light. We let go again, of our confinement, to become the truth in the ‘seed,’ a magical tree, dancing with the power of earth, water, sun and wind.

Magic is in the soil, our roots, in the seed, in the light and the elements, dancing with our essence, always stalking us! Our conscious awakening calls in our magic, to let her know we are ready. Each seeker generates their own unique harmonious rhythm and invocation in the right season! Our flowering is inevitable!

Each class will consist of talks, awareness, healing techniques, physical exercises and homework assignments. The Kabbalistic Shamanism process will be outlined and guide the work.

The facilitator has trained intensively and organized groups around the world for decades. Chet is a co-founder of the Nityananda Center (nityanandacenter.com.) and a published author. He has planted over 20,000 trees in the USA and Canada. Chet’s method of teaching is to ‘tune in’ and generate the “Aha!” moment…the group “gestalt!” This process draws on extensive experience with enlightened sadhus, sorcerors, kabbalists and martial artists. Chet has worked as a professional counselor with hundreds of clients. Kabbalistic Shamanism is the formulation of his experience with teachers around the world.

Thursdays From 7 PM – 8:30 PM
5 Weeks From June 24 – July 22





Chet Alexander is an Jamaican-born insight teacher and owner of the Nityananda Center in Coconut Grove, FL. Trained in Kabbalah in the school of Zev Ben Shimon Halevi and and Martial Arts with Grand Master Chang, Chet is author of “John Crow Speaks: The Earth Teachings Of The Jamaican Elders” and “For The Noble Ones.” He is a 5th degree blackbelt in Kung Fu and teaches Yoga, meditation, shamanism, Chi Gong, and Counseling based on his Spiritual teachings, Imminent Health.

Check out Chet’s book on Amazon: John Crow Speaks: Earth Teachings of the Jamaican Elders: Alexander, Chet: 9780974935942: Amazon.com: Books