Yoga and the Healing Sciences
A 200-Hour Teacher Training Program
And Lifestyle Enhancement Course
At Loyola Marymount University

March 14th – July 19th, 2020

Following the guidelines outlined by Yoga Alliance for registered 200-hour teacher training programs, this course at LMU offers prospective teachers and students the opportunity to deepen their understanding of the fundamental and advanced concepts of Yoga and the yogic lifestyle through an immersion into the classical and modern forms of the practice.

Featuring 15-20 of the top master Yoga instructors in the L.A. area brought into the program as guest faculty, all 4 yogic paths, Jnana [knowledge], Bhakti [devotion], Karma [service] and Raja [the royal path] will be introduced and thoroughly discussed with a special emphasis being placed on Raja and Hatha Yoga.

Through this course, students will be exposed to 5 of the most popular styles of Hatha Yoga (Ashtanga, Iyengar, Kundalini, Power, and Vinyasa) as well as various other forms of Raja Yoga practice including meditation, chanting, pranayama, Yoga philosophy, sequencing, anatomy, asana assists, east-west nutrition, Ayurveda, energetics, Restorative Yoga, Yoga therapy and the art of teaching both private and group classes. All graduates of the program will be certified to teach by Loyola Marymount University at the 200-hour level. The training is intended to provide each student with the knowledge, confidence, broad-based understanding and personal sadhana that is required of a qualified Yoga instructor, whether they plan to teach or not.

Call LMU Yoga Studies at (310) 338-1971 to register